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A Quest for Vocal Harmony - RCJacH

A Quest for Vocal Harmony (AQVH) 是一首教学用阿卡贝拉作品,由我个人创作制作完成。这首总长只有54秒的歌曲,集中展现了12种基础人声和声编配手法。


*Bass Goes*
*Chord Stabs*

How do we approach vocal harmony?
With love and thoughts but mostly quandaries.
Keep alternating different ways, different chords,
just to beautify a melody.
But when the voices sing as one,
feel the power of unity
or dissonancy, 
in this song
I sang to thee.

这首歌曲是为 人声+和声录音混音模板 创作制作而成,使用Reaper的用户可以点进去顺手拿走。

How to hire a track manager in REAPER?

When we are dealing with MIDI drumset, guitar, and other sample libraries that requires either multiple output or routing, the default setup may show up like this:


See the lines of space below the topmost track? That's all the microphone outputs of a drum library. They display no audio information...