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音乐创作之 全排列 技巧

全排列 是一个组合数学概念,简单来说就是因为1+2=2+1,所以1与2之和的组合有两个(组合总数公式为n!)。



1 2 3 4    2 1 3 4    3 1 2 4    4 1 2...

Fundamental Guitar Voicings for Pian(o roll)ists

For guitarist, from beginners to advanced players, there is a chord system called CAGED system, where you take the form of C, A, G, E, D barre chords and move them across the fretboard over different roots. 


(img from http://www.cagedguitarsystem.net/)

So you only need to learn at most...


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When singing melodic ideas, it is uncommon for most music enthusiasts to get familiar with note names, C D E and such, since we will eventually face the problem of requiring to sing a two-syllable note name (C Sharp or G Flat) under one note. What is more...